Hi! I'm Eshan Rasul.

Nanotechnology Enthusiast.
Regenerative Medicine Researcher.
Drug Discovery.
TKS Innovator.

A Bit About Me...


I'm a 15 y/o who has a passion for nanotech and regenerative medicine and how we leverage these two things to solve some of the world's biggest problems! My mission is to impact billions, so right now that means learning as much as I can as fast as possible🙌🏽!

Right now I'm looking into oxidative stress prevention and how we can use nanoparticle drug delivery to optimize our treatment of CA 27-29 breast cancer! My goal is to DISRUPT the healthcare industry with novel treatments like this.

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What I'm up to...

Web Design

I've has been working in web development since I was 13 and has helped edit and create websites!

Drug Delivery

I'm reasearcing novel treatments for cancers and neurological disorders using lipid based nanoparicles.

The Knowledge Society

I'm an innovater at TKS, a human accelerator that allows tenns to leverage exponetial tech to solve the world's biggest problems!


I've had a variety of speaking engagemnents and love talking about things that I'm passionate about, like regenerative medicine!


I'm learning to leverage this awesome technology to revlutionalize the healthcare industry; using nanoparticles to deliver cancer-killing drugs!

Regenerative Medicine

If a newt can re-grow a limb, then why can't we? Using stem cells from our body fat the body can be taught to regrow organs; curing degenerative diseases!

Contact Me

Toronto, Canada